Our services include:
• Community Preservation & Revitalization Planning
• Design Assistance for Architects & Engineers
• Heritage Area Development & Heritage Tourism
• Rehabilitation Design Guidelines & Workshops
• Section 106 Cases

• Community Preservation and Revitalization Planning
Benjamin D. Rickey & Co.’s experience in this area goes back to 1980, and since that time we have had projects in over two dozen Ohio communities.

Some of our community plans focus on economic issues such as downtown revitalization, while others have addressed historic preservation and smart growth issues.

We specialize in planning for immediate results that can be readily achieved at minimal cost.  We believe that the greatest progress in a community is made through careful, incremental change and not quickly through large, expensive projects that may or may not achieve their intended results.

We have prepared community plans, many with Certified Local Government (CLG) funding through the Ohio Historic Preservation Office and other grant funding.

Representative Projects
Granville Comprehensive Plan, Granville, Ohio. Granville Village and Township are collaborating on the update of a comprehensive plan for the community. Recognizing its close proximity to metropolitan Columbus and the pressure for development, Benjamin D. Rickey & Co. worked with a broad constituency to develop strategies for managing growth without sacrificing the rural and historic character of both the township and village.

Medina Historic Preservation Plan, Medina, Ohio. Medina is widely-recognized for its successes in historic preservation. Nevertheless, the community wanted to review its past successes, identify current challenges, and develop strategies for building upon past successes while continuing to manage growth and change.

Tipp City Historic Preservation Plan, Tipp City, Ohio. Tipp City recently achieved designation as a Certified Local Government (CLG) and used its first CLG grant from the Ohio Historic Preservation Office to develop a comprehensive historic preservation plan. Some of the recommendations contained in the plan are already being implemented within months of its adoption by City Council.

Springfield Historic Preservation Plan, Springfield, Ohio. The city of Springfield had a major public preservation program in the 1980s but in recent years it has been the private sector that has been most active. The Turner Foundation, based in Springfield, supported the project recognizing that historic preservation efforts are most successful when both the public and private sectors are actively involved.

Antioch Campus Heritage Plan, Yellow Springs, Ohio. Antioch College received a major Getty Campus Heritage Grant to develop a comprehensive plan to identify, document and preserve campus resources including both historic structures and cultural landscapes. The plan was developed to provide an internal structure to consider historic preservation issues in planning, as well as practical information for the physical facilities staff to use in maintenance and repairs to campus properties.

Miami University Campus Heritage Plan, Oxford, Ohio.  Miami University received funding from the Getty Foundation to develop a comprehensive preservation plan for its historic campus. Approximately 100 historic buildings, structures and landscapes were documented on OHI forms and strategies were developed to integrate historic preservation values into the planning process. Training for planning, physical facilities, maintenance staff and interested community members was provided. This project also involved students in conducting research, collecting data and providing input into recommended strategies.

• Design Assistance for Architects and Engineers
Benjamin D. Rickey & Co. has served as historic preservation design consultant for a number of large building rehabilitation projects, including high-profile projects like the Ohio Statehouse, the Ohio Judicial Center and the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. Increased awareness of the importance of historic preservation has resulted in both public and private property owners looking for architects and firms with a special sensitivity to the needs and possibilities of historic buildings.

We frequently contract with architectural firms to provide historical expertise not available in-house.  Benjamin D. Rickey & Co. is involved in the design process from the very beginning, complementing the skills of the lead architectural firm and helping to find suitable solutions to the sometimes tough program, space and design issues that historic buildings often present.  Development of compatible designs for building additions is one of our specialties, as is preparing inventories of important architectural features and planning for their restoration.

Representative projects
Ohio Statehouse, Columbus, Ohio  photo
Ohio Judicial Center, Columbus, Ohio  photo
Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center, Columbus, Ohio  photo
Ohio Stadium, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio  photo
Mack Hall, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio  photo
Cleveland Union Terminal (Terminal Tower), Cleveland, Ohio  photo
Columbus Metropolitan Library, Columbus, Ohio  photo
Old Post Office, Capitol Square, Columbus, Ohio  photo
Federal Reserve Bank, Cleveland, Ohio  photo
Reese-Peters House, Lancaster, Ohio  photo
Harrison County Courthouse, Cadiz, Ohio
South High School, Columbus, Ohio  photo
Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus, Ohio  photo

• Heritage Area Development & Heritage Tourism
Benjamin D. Rickey & Co. has experience in working on a regional level to create heritage areas and has worked with several communities to create heritage tourism plans. Heritage tourism is being recognized as a valuable economic development tool, when managed to promote authenticity and support of local preservation efforts and businesses.

Representative Projects:
Ohio’s Hill Country Heritage Area
We worked with the Ohio Arts Council to establish Ohio’s Hill Country Heritage Area program, which covers a 31 county area in the state’s Appalachian region.  Beginning as a program of the Ohio Arts Council, Ohio’s Hill Country Heritage Area has become a private non-profit organization and has been recognized by the State of Ohio as an official heritage area.

Underground Railroad in Ohio’s Hill Country
We worked with ten communities in Ohio’s Hill Country Heritage Area to develop strategies to jointly promote and develop their Underground Railroad stories and encourage tourism.

Little Cities of Black Diamonds
We worked with former coal-mining communities in the Little Cities of Black Diamonds Region (also located in Ohio’s Hill Country Heritage Area) to develop a plan for interpretive sites for visitors and strategies to encouraging tourism in the area.

• Rehabilitation Design Guidelines & Workshops
Benjamin D. Rickey & Co. has prepared rehabilitation and design guidelines for a number of communities in Ohio and South Carolina.  These have covered both residential and commercial structures and have been tailored to meet the needs of each community.

In all cases, our design guidelines have been based on the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation, as published by the National Park Service.  Our guidelines are always written in non-technical terms geared for use by property owners, but they are intended also for use by local governments and, where applicable, local historic preservation commissions.  Special care is always taken to tailor guidelines to a specific community’s architecture, and they usually contain a historical analysis and architectural description to show why guidelines can be important for a community.

Our rehabilitation and design workshops cover architectural styles; use of the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards; use of local design guidelines; preservation and rehabilitation techniques; and design problem-solving and decision-making for local governments and historic preservation commissions.  Experience has shown that ongoing education for members of local historic preservation and design review commissions is essential to good decision-making.

Several of our workshops have been certified as meeting the continuing education requirements for real estate professionals.

Representative Projects
German Village, Columbus, Ohio
Bath Township, Summit County, Ohio
Dublin, Ohio
Worthington, Ohio
Grandview Heights, Ohio
Uptown Westerville, Westerville, Ohio
New Albany, Ohio
Perrysburg, Ohio
Celina, Ohio
Mansfield, Ohio
Portsmouth, Ohio
Camden, South Carolina
Greenville, South Carolina

Section 106 Cases
Benjamin D. Rickey & Co. has extensive experience with the “Section 106” protective legislation contained in the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966.  This law provides that federally-funded projects which have an effect upon historic properties must try to mitigate or eliminate any adverse effects; in addition, federal historic preservation authorities must be given an opportunity to review and comment upon these projects.

We are familiar with the procedures and documentation required for “Section 106” reviews and have handled reviews for a number of projects, both large and small.  We urge anyone who anticipates having to meet “Section 106” requirements to contact us as early as possible in the planning process. We have handled hundreds of Section 106 projects during our nearly 30 years in preservation consulting.

Our projects include the following:
Palace Theater (Columbus) and Tecumseh Theater (Shawnee) for Save America’s Treasures Grants
International Harvester Plant, Shawnee Hotel, and Old City Building, Springfield, Ohio
Fort Steuben Hotel, Steubenville, Ohio
Cleveland Union Terminal, Cleveland, Ohio
Society Bank Building, Cleveland, Ohio
Mount Pleasant Housing Project, Mount Pleasant, Ohio
Eagles’ Building, Youngstown, Ohio
Riverfront Park Site, Zanesville, Ohio
Modern Tool Company Rehabilitation, Erie, Pennsylvania
Conrail Acquisition by CSX Corp. and Norfolk Southern Corp.
Holmes County Jail Renovation, Millersburg, Ohio
Over 100 reviews for cell tower sites
Numerous reviews for housing projects for private developers

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